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Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP) is the first of its kind in Ontario. It’s an innovative alternative to traditional articling through a rigorous and demanding eight-month program combining on-line training and experiential learning with a hands-on work term. Ryerson works with the Law Society of Ontario and the legal community, including a strategic alliance with the Ontario Bar Association, to deliver a dynamic program that prepares Law School graduates to succeed in their legal practice and careers.

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Message from the Managing Director

Welcome Candidates to Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP)!

We are delighted that you have chosen this path. Ryerson has been chosen by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), the Profession’s regulator, to provide a route to licensing for lawyers in Ontario. This is the LPP’s fifth year, and we are building on a very successful first four years.

The Ryerson LPP will help you develop the skills necessary for entry to the Profession through a combination of four months of skills training and four months of work placement. The LPP starts with the best that experiential, practitioner-led training can provide. The Ryerson approach is to use that strong foundation to deliver an innovative, entrepreneurial program that will better position you to succeed in a challenging profession on the eve of change.

The Ryerson LPP Team works with the LSO, we have a strategic alliance with the Ontario Bar Association, and we are working with numerous associations and organizations in continuously improving the program. Almost 200 practitioners were involved in developing and delivering the program last year, and we expect even more will be part of this exciting year. We look to members of the profession to help you succeed in your future with them.

Society is changing, and the practice of law will, and must, change with it. Technology has forever changed the world around us by blurring jurisdictional boundaries, altering timelines and making what was once thought impossible now the expected. The consumer revolution has reshaped many businesses and professions. The best training begins with the best that time and tradition can offer. You must develop the strong foundation of traditional skills. However, these fundamental skills must evolve to meet the challenges of the future. Your future success requires that you not only prepare for and be ready to adapt to change, but even more that you be able to take advantage of it.

You have worked long and hard to reach this point. Many of you will be thinking that this is the home stretch, the last part of the journey to your call to the Bar. It is that, but it is also the eve of the start of your journey in the profession.

You have chosen the LPP, a path that is relatively new. Leaders are those who chart their own course, not merely follow the path created by others. You are already leaders. Our Profession needs your leadership. Society needs your leadership. We wish you a great year ahead.

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Ryerson LPP.

Chris Bentley, on behalf of the Ryerson Law Practice Program Team.


The Ryerson University Community

Latest News

Ryerson’s LPP cultivates confidence, legal skills –

July 18, 2018

Gina Alexandris

Gina Alexandris

The 2017-18 cohort of the Ryerson University Law Practice Program (LPP) was celebrated at a recent gathering, where many expressed gratitude for what they learned and experienced during the term, says LPP director Gina Alexandris.

“The program really had an impact on people and they wanted to tell us about it and about how confident they felt going into the workplace,” she tells

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Cohort 2017-2018 – End of Program Photo Album

July 9, 2018

2018_LPP-30861 2018_LPP-30860 2018_LPP-30859 2018_LPP-30858 2018_LPP-30857 2018_LPP-30855 2018_LPP-30852 2018_LPP-30851 2018_LPP-30850 2018_LPP-30849 2018_LPP-30848 2018_LPP-30846 2018_LPP-30845 2018_LPP-30843 2018_LPP-30842 2018_LPP-30841 2018_LPP-30840 2018_LPP-30837 2018_LPP-30836 2018_LPP-30835 2018_LPP-30834 2018_LPP-30833 2018_LPP-30832 2018_LPP-30830 2018_LPP-30828 2018_LPP-30827 2018_LPP-30826 2018_LPP-30825 2018_LPP-30822 2018_LPP-30821 2018_LPP-30820 2018_LPP-30819 2018_LPP-30818 2018_LPP-30817 2018_LPP-30815 2018_LPP-30814 2018_LPP-30813 2018_LPP-30812 2018_LPP-30811 2018_LPP-30808 2018_LPP-30806  2018_LPP-30804  2018_LPP-30803  2018_LPP-30802  2018_LPP-30800  2018_LPP-30799  2018_LPP-30796  2018_LPP-30793  2018_LPP-30792  2018_LPP-30790  2018_LPP-30787  2018_LPP-30786  2018_LPP-30785  2018_LPP-30784  2018_LPP-30783  2018_LPP-30782  2018_LPP-30780  2018_LPP-30779  2018_LPP-30778  2018_LPP-30777 2018_LPP-30776 2018_LPP-30775 2018_LPP-30773 2018_LPP-30772 2018_LPP-30771 2018_LPP-30770 2018_LPP-30769 2018_LPP-30767 2018_LPP-30765 2018_LPP-30764 2018_LPP-30763 2018_LPP-30762 2018_LPP-30761 2018_LPP-30760 2018_LPP-30757 2018_LPP-30756 2018_LPP-30753 2018_LPP-01265 2018_LPP-01263 2018_LPP-01262 2018_LPP-01261 2018_LPP-01258 2018_LPP-01255 2018_LPP-01252 2018_LPP-01246 2018_LPP-01244 2018_LPP-01242 2018_LPP-01239 2018_LPP-01238 2018_LPP-01235 2018_LPP-01234 2018_LPP-01233 2018_LPP-01232 2018_LPP-01231 2018_LPP-01230 2018_LPP-01228 2018_LPP-01224 2018_LPP-01218 2018_LPP-01217 2018_LPP-01215 2018_LPP-01208 2018_LPP-01205 2018_LPP-01203 2018_LPP-01198 2018_LPP-01196 2018_LPP-01194 2018_LPP-01193 2018_LPP-01191 2018_LPP-01190 2018_LPP-01189 2018_LPP-01188 2018_LPP-01184 2018_LPP-01181 2018_LPP-01179 2018_LPP-01176 2018_LPP-01175 2018_LPP-01174 2018_LPP-01172 2018_LPP-01170 2018_LPP-01167 2018_LPP-01164 2018_LPP-01163 2018_LPP-01158 2018_LPP-01157 2018_LPP-01154 2018_LPP-01150 2018_LPP-01148 2018_LPP-01147 2018_LPP-01146 2018_LPP-01145 2018_LPP-01143 2018_LPP-01136 2018_LPP-01132 2018_LPP-01130 2018_LPP-01128 2018_LPP-01124 2018_LPP-01120 2018_LPP-01119 2018_LPP-01118 2018_LPP-01114 2018_LPP-01107 2018_LPP-01104 2018_LPP-01103

Photo Credit – Rick Leung’s Photography

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Podcast – Sean Robichaud meets with the Law Practice Program –

June 4, 2018

LPP Group photo

Andre Bacchus, Gina Alexandris, and Chris Bentley


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Recognizing a need for alternative pathways for graduated law students to successfully advance to lawyers, the Law Society launched the Law Practice Program in 2014. The initiative was bold and met with controversy among the bar. Many saw the program as redundant, substandard, and exacerbating the problem of unemployment among recently called lawyers.

In only 3 short years, the Ryerson LPP program would not only prove their critics wrong by actually creating employment opportunities for lawyers, but also exemplified a comprehensive, innovative, and practical articling experience.

In 2018, the LPP program has a long list of successful placements and permanent employment for their candidates in banks, Bay St., insurance, criminal and constitutional law, and almost all the areas that those outside the LPP aspire towards…

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André Bacchus featured in The Inclusive Leaders Showcase 2018 – Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers Ontario

May 14, 2018

Today’s #InclusiveLeader is @andrebbacchus! Known for helping spearhead Ryerson’s Law Practice Program @RULPP & assisting racialized and marginalized groups with career planning.

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