2018 03-26

Ryerson’s LPP helps future lawyers flex their networking muscles –

A successful law practice relies on relationships, so one of the most important skills future lawyers must develop is the ability to build connections, says André Bacchus, the assistant director of Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP).

“We share with LPP candidates that as part of joining this profession, you have to be able to expand your networking ability to uncover opportunities for yourself and to develop your client market as well,” Bacchus tells

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2018 03-21

The Honourable George R. Strathy, Chief Justice of Ontario with our 2017 A2J LPP Winners!

The Honourable George R. Strathy, Chief Justice of Ontario, recently hosted our A2J winning team to discussed their A2J initiatives. Thank you!

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2018 01-19

LPP work placements an opportunity for candidates, employers –

The work placement portion of Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP), gives its candidates a chance to get “a foot in the door” with potential employers, says André Bacchus, the program’s assistant director.

The four-month placement makes up the second half of the LPP, following hot on the heels of the practical training component, which sees candidates running their own virtual law firm in seven areas of law — administrative, business, civil litigation, criminal,

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2018 01-18

Ryerson’s Law Practice Program – 2017 Champion of Diversity Award Recipient

Ryerson University Law Practice Program – Toronto

Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP) helps future lawyers, including internationally trained lawyers, get hands-on Canadian legal experience and better prepare for work in the Canadian job market. – Congratulations team!

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2017 12-20

Actors add authenticity to legal training – The Lawyer’s Daily

Lisa wants a divorce.

Her husband has been having an affair, and because of that, she wants custody of their child, who suffers from some serious health issues.

Lisa, however, has a secret buried deep in her past that, if it comes to light, will likely affect the way her case is viewed by the court, and she has no intention of telling her legal team about it…

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2017 12-08

In-person sessions a critical component of Ryerson’s LPP – Kate Wallace, Contributor at

Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program (LPP) will soon hold the final of three in-person weeks, an important component of the innovative program for licensing candidates, says program director Gina Alexandris.

“Because we are a virtual program, for the most part, we really wanted to have a place where the candidates can gather together face-to-face,” she tells

This cohort’s third and final in-person week,

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2017 12-05

The big problem with articling – Precedent Magazine

Few lawyers are as trailblazing as Sheila Block. When she went to law school, in 1969, she was one of only eight women in her class. After graduation, she became the first female litigation associate at Torys LLP. Since then, her work on major lawsuits — the Nortel bankruptcy, for instance — has made her one of the most sought-out trial lawyers. And recently, she added another trendsetting job to her resumé: advisor and instructor at the Law Practice Program (LPP),

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2017 10-06

Ryerson’s Law Practice Program boasts perfect placement record –

Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP), now in its fourth year, has a 100-per-cent placement rate securing four-month work placement opportunities for law school graduates.

But André Bacchus, the program’s assistant director, tells Ryerson is constantly searching for new opportunities to allow candidates the chance to gain hands-on legal experience.

“Historically, there were some work environments that didn’t have strong participation in articling placements,” including in-house legal departments as well as small and sole practices “where they found that the 10-month articling stint was too long,” he says.

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2017 09-11

How the Law Practice Program could transform the job market?

Fernando Garcia, the general counsel at Nissan Canada, doesn’t hire articling students. Nor does he plan to. His in-house department consists of five people — and only two are lawyers — so onboarding a law grad without much practical experience would derail his entire workflow. “The articling system,” explains Garcia, “has never worked well for small in-house departments.”

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