2018 10-16

Strong business case for promoting diversity in law firms: Bentley |

It makes good business sense for law firms to embrace equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), says Chris Bentley, director of Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) and Law Practice Program (LPP).

Ryerson LPP hosted an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference on Oct. 9 at the Ted Rogers School of Management to emphasize the business case for promoting these values in the legal sector. “We thought it would be an interesting and interactive way to inform our LPP candidates and members of the bar to help advance their knowledge and to share strategies about how equality,

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2018 10-15

Emotional Intelligence and Lawyers—an Old New Frontier | ABA Law Practice Today

Listen to Podcast – RL 103: Gina Alexandris — Legal Education and How to Manage Transition Out of Law

The call was for articles about “the new and the next in legal”—what are the new frontiers in law going to be? While my mind initially raced with thoughts of AI, cybersecurity, processes, bitcoin, privacy… I then paused. And I thought of what I was working on at that very moment.

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2018 09-21

A new approach to law | Ryerson Today

When Stéphanie Jules enrolled in Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP), the downtown firms seemed a long way away. Despite graduating from McGill University’s law school, the legal world was hard to enter.

“The LPP was recommended to me by a recruiter who was disappointed to see my potential not recognized by the big firms for a traditional articling experience—which is unfortunately the case for many racialized lawyers,” says Jules.

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2018 08-22

Employers reap rewards of Ryerson LPP’s work-ready candidates |

The work placement portion of Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program (LPP) gives employers access to a group of work-ready candidates eager to make an impression, says André Bacchus, the program’s assistant director.

The four-month placement makes up the second half of the LPP, hot on the heels of the practical training component, which sees candidates running their own virtual law firm in seven areas of law — administrative, business,

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2018 07-18

Ryerson’s LPP cultivates confidence, legal skills –

The 2017-18 cohort of the Ryerson University Law Practice Program (LPP) was celebrated at a recent gathering, where many expressed gratitude for what they learned and experienced during the term, says LPP director Gina Alexandris.

“The program really had an impact on people and they wanted to tell us about it and about how confident they felt going into the workplace,” she tells

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2018 06-04

Podcast – Sean Robichaud meets with the Law Practice Program –


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Recognizing a need for alternative pathways for graduated law students to successfully advance to lawyers, the Law Society launched the Law Practice Program in 2014. The initiative was bold and met with controversy among the bar. Many saw the program as redundant, substandard, and exacerbating the problem of unemployment among recently called lawyers.

In only 3 short years,

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2018 05-14

André Bacchus featured in The Inclusive Leaders Showcase 2018 – Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers Ontario

Today’s #InclusiveLeader is @andrebbacchus! Known for helping spearhead Ryerson’s Law Practice Program @RULPP & assisting racialized and marginalized groups with career planning.

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2018 04-23

The value of mentorship in Ryerson’s LPP –

Mentorship is a key component of Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program (LPP), providing candidates with tools that will help them succeed in their legal careers, says program director Gina Alexandris.

“The impact of mentorship is to provide candidates with exposure to a professional network, and to the varied experience these people bring to the profession,”

“Success for our candidates in the very short term means completing the program and then moving on to being called to the bar.

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2018 03-26

Ryerson’s LPP helps future lawyers flex their networking muscles –

A successful law practice relies on relationships, so one of the most important skills future lawyers must develop is the ability to build connections, says André Bacchus, the assistant director of Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP).

“We share with LPP candidates that as part of joining this profession, you have to be able to expand your networking ability to uncover opportunities for yourself and to develop your client market as well,” Bacchus tells

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