2017 12-05

The big problem with articling – Precedent Magazine

Few lawyers are as trailblazing as Sheila Block. When she went to law school, in 1969, she was one of only eight women in her class. After graduation, she became the first female litigation associate at Torys LLP. Since then, her work on major lawsuits — the Nortel bankruptcy, for instance — has made her one of the most sought-out trial lawyers. And recently, she added another trendsetting job to her resumé: advisor and instructor at the Law Practice Program (LPP),

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2017 10-06

Ryerson’s Law Practice Program boasts perfect placement record –

Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP), now in its fourth year, has a 100-per-cent placement rate securing four-month work placement opportunities for law school graduates.

But André Bacchus, the program’s assistant director, tells Ryerson is constantly searching for new opportunities to allow candidates the chance to gain hands-on legal experience.

“Historically, there were some work environments that didn’t have strong participation in articling placements,” including in-house legal departments as well as small and sole practices “where they found that the 10-month articling stint was too long,” he says.

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2017 09-11

How the Law Practice Program could transform the job market?

Fernando Garcia, the general counsel at Nissan Canada, doesn’t hire articling students. Nor does he plan to. His in-house department consists of five people — and only two are lawyers — so onboarding a law grad without much practical experience would derail his entire workflow. “The articling system,” explains Garcia, “has never worked well for small in-house departments.”

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2017 09-06

Want to land a great job? Take the Law Practice Program

It was four years ago, and Ryerson University had just announced that it would offer a new path to licensing in Ontario. Mortimer, a senior partner at Hicks Morley LLP, was skeptical that it could be as effective as articling.

But as he read up on the program, his attitude changed. “I was impressed by what Ryerson put together,” says Mortimer, “in particular, the fact that the program would focus on practical skills.”

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2017 09-06

Ryerson kicks off fourth year of Law Practice Program –

Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program (LPP) wasted no time putting its fourth cohort year participants to work, says Chris Bentley, managing director of the Toronto-based program.

“They hit the ground running,”

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2017 07-31

Ryerson’s Law Practice Program helps candidates ‘hit the ground running’

Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program (LPP) helps creative thinkers and broad-minded lawyers-to-be thrive, says program director Gina Alexandris.

“I often advise candidates to ‘get comfortable with the uncomfortable,’” she tells

Founded four years ago, the LPP is an interactive and innovative program for licensing stream candidates for whom traditional articling may not be the best fit.

“We are an option for those who want something quite different,” Alexandris says.

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2017 05-30

Think articling is the gold standard? Think again – Precedent Magazine

It’s been three years since the Law Practice Program (LPP), a new path to licensing offered at Ryerson University, accepted its first cohort of candidates. And yet, there are still doubters who think the program is, and always will be, worse than articling. To those skeptics, Marni Dicker, executive vice-president and general counsel at Infrastructure
Ontario, has one message: “You’re dead wrong.”…

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2017 05-17

CNIE 2017 Award

Congratulations to Ryerson’s Law Practice Program and its wonderful partners: The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, and Interpersonal Skills Teaching Centre – Ryerson University.

On May 17th, 2017, the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) announced that the team’s joint submission, Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP): Partnering to Creatively and Intentionally Leverage Conventional Tech for Changing Times, was the Winner of the 2017 CNIE-RCIE Award in the category of Excellence and Innovation in the Integration of Technology (Non-Formal Learning Environments).

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2017 04-14

2017 NALP Annual Education Conference (April 18th-22th)

Follow @GinaAlexandris and @AndrebBacchus on Twitter as they will be attending the 2017 NALP Annual Education Conference in San Francisco, California from April 18th-22th. Follow them on their Twitter to see how you can connect with them!

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2017 03-23

Info Sessions 2017

Interested in participating in the Ryerson’s Law Practice Program for 2017 or just want to learn more? Register for one or both information sessions. You can catch us at the following upcoming events in-person!

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