Ground­breaking Programme for Ontario’s Law School Graduates ­ Virtual Law Firms

The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) regulates entry of lawyers and paralegals into the profession in Ontario, with a mandate of protecting the public interest. There are over 40,000 lawyers licensed in the province, with over 1,700 new lawyers called to the Bar in the summer 2015. To meet the changing demands of both the profession and the public, in 2013 the LSUC introduced changes to its licensing process, including the introduction of a new “transition to practice” training focusing on skills development and training. This shift in focus was influenced by a national committee’s development and implementation of consistent and high standards through the National Entry­Level Competency Profile for lawyers. In 2013, the LSUC selected Ryerson University to develop and deliver the English LPP.

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Authors: Gina Alexandris, Dr. Marie Bountrogianni, and Naza Djafarova