Registration and Financial Information


Updated: January 16, 2019

Who is Eligible?

Candidates in the LSO licensing process who have completed a Juris Doctor (JD) from a recognized Canadian institution, or an equivalent degree as determined by the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) through the completion of exams and receipt of a Certificate of Qualification for foreign-trained lawyers. Candidates must also be eligible to work in Ontario.

Do I require a study or work permit to participate in the LPP?
In order to participate in all components of the LPP (i.e. training component and work placement), appropriate documentation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada must be filed with the LPP. You are personally responsible for obtaining such documentation from the relevant Canadian government agency or office. This documentation must confirm your proof of legal name and be valid for the duration of the LPP (August 2019 to April 2020). Note: You will not be able to begin the LPP in August without the relevant documentation.

Registration begins at the Law Society of Ontario (LSO)

Step 1
Candidates interested in registering for the LPP must first be registered in the Law Society of Ontario’s Licensing Process.

Step 2
Once registered with the LSO, Candidates must select the LPP by TBA (through the LSO website).

Step 3
Beginning in late April, licensing Candidates who have registered for the LSO licensing process, and indicated the intention to participate in the LPP, will be contacted by the LSO with additional information about the registration process.

Step 4
Beginning mid-May, the Ryerson LPP will contact all registrants with Ryerson registration information.
The deadline to register at Ryerson University is TBA.



What are the fees for the LPP? Are there any additional costs?
The fee for the LPP is included in your licensing fee to the LSO. There will be no additional tuition costs from Ryerson University at this time.

As this is a virtual, interactive program, in order to effectively participate in the LPP, Candidates are expected to have a computer (laptop is preferred, either PC or MAC), headset with microphone, webcam, and high speed stable and secure internet access at all times.

Will I get a refund if I choose to withdraw from the LPP?
Please refer to the LSO for questions about fees and refunds.

Are LPP Candidates eligible for OSAP or other financial aid?
As a practical training course required for professional licensure, the LPP does not qualify for OSAP funding. However, Candidates enrolled in the LPP that have existing Ontario Student Loans are eligible for ‘Continuation of Interest-Free Status’. This allows Candidates to maintain interest and payment-free status for previously issued Ontario government loans while they are enrolled in the LPP. Candidates with existing Ontario Student Loans with questions about this process should visit the Financial Aid office at their law school or Student Financial Assistance at Ryerson University (scroll down to ‘Law Practice Program’ for LPP information). Continuation of Interest-Free Status is ONLY available for Ontario provincial student loan programs.

Ryerson University does not provide financial assistance for LPP Candidates. Please see the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) website for information on financial assistance.