About Ryerson’s LPP

Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP) is the first of its kind in Ontario. Equivalent to articling the LPP is an innovative, rigorous and demanding eight-month program combining on-line training and experiential learning with a hands-on work term. Ryerson works with the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) and the legal community, including a strategic alliance with the Ontario Bar Association, to deliver a dynamic program that prepares Law School graduates to succeed in their legal practice and careers.

How Does it Work?

4 Month Practical Training
(August – December)

  • Mondays to Fridays approximately 8AM – 6PM EST (Hours may vary)
  • Candidates work both individually and in “law firms” of 4 – supported by practicing lawyers
  • Interactive and experiential – learn by doing
  • Practical – files developed by practicing lawyers
  • Relevant – interview clients, conduct research, draft documents, letters and agreements, develop an approach, conduct negotiations, prepare the client, argue motions, conduct examinations and cross-examinations, and manage the client and the practice

4 Month Work Placement
(January – April)

  • Mondays to Fridays approximately 8AM – 6PM EST (Hours may vary)
  • Candidates are trained to hit the ground running
  • Employers include major institutions, large and small firms, specialty boutiques, governments, clinics and sole practitioners throughout Ontario
  • Practical – files developed by practicing lawyers
  • As a work placement employer you will be joining us on the leading edge of practical legal training

Who We Are

Chris Bentley _ Managing Director of Ryerson's Law Practice Program

Chris Bentley

Managing Director, LPP

Chris is the Managing Director of the Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) and the Law Practice Program (LPP), both housed at Ryerson University, Toronto.  Chris led the development of the LPP, a modern approach to lawyer licensing authorized by the Law Society of Ontario.   He also co-founded LIZ, Canada’s first incubator dedicated to legal startups, to help deliver better legal solutions to consumers.  It supports legal startups, R & D for law firms, businesses, organizations and government, and practical reform initiatives.

Chris was elected as an Ontario MPP for London West from 2003-2013…[More]

Avner Levin

Academic Director, Ryerson Law Centre

Dr. Avner Levin is an Associate Professor at Ryerson University, the Chair of the Law and Business Department at the Ted Rogers School of Management, and the Director of the Law Research Centre and Privacy Institute. His research interests include the legal regulation and protection of privacy and personal information in various sectors across jurisdictions, both within Canada and internationally.

Gina Alexandris

Gina Alexandris

Senior Program Director, LPP

For over 20 years, Gina has been inspiring and supporting individuals and organizations to strategically define their hopes and achieve their goals. As the Senior Program Director of Ryerson’s Law Practice Program, Gina is responsible for the development, implementation and general management of the new innovative transition year training program for licensing Candidates in Ontario. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring academic excellence and the quality of service and program delivery for participants, and outreach to hundreds of contributing members of the legal profession. Gina has also been actively involved with the development of Ryerson’s proposal for its new innovative law school.
With a passion for adult education…[More]


André Bacchus

André B. Bacchus

Assistant Director, WPO, LPP

As the Assistant Director of the Work Placement Office at the Law Practice Program (LPP), André is responsible for working with the Profession to identify work placements throughout Ontario, as well as developing and implementing the candidate preparation and support structures to ensure placements benefit both employers and candidates. In his role André develops and delivers a number of Professional Development sessions each year to assist candidates with application preparation, networking and outreach, in placement success strategies and post-placement next steps. André is also a frequent panelist and guest speaker at law schools and legal conferences where he discusses the LPP and presents on topics related to career planning…[More]


Candidates Have Said

  • “I would just like to express my gratitude for the knowledge I have gained so far in this program…. I just wanted to write to say that we are all retaining more than we aware of. Thank you.”

    LPP Candidate, 2014-15
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  • “I have learned more in the last four months than I have in three years of law school. I am very grateful for the learning experience and job opportunities you provided us with. …[My] LPP experience [has] surpassed my expectations.”

    LPP Candidate, 2014-15
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  • “Honestly speaking, the four months of training I received from the LPP has really helped me transition into the work placement position. The Training Component was very realistic in terms of the real world and what articling students are expected to do.”

    LPP Candidate, 2014-15

Employers Have Said

  • “This program is the future…. This is the way the profession should be going.”

    LPP Employer, 2014-15
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  • “Very happy! He got off to a running start, we had a number of projects waiting for him and he has risen to the challenge – absolutely great skills.”

    LPP Employer, 2014-15
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  • “Right there with my first year associates, no limitations…”

    LPP Employer, 2014-15

Our Team

Corporate Counsel Advisory Board

Fernando Garcia (General Counsel at Nissan Canada

Fernando Garcia

Judy Naiberg

Julia Shin Doi

Julia Shin Doi

Jolie Lin

Leigh Lampert

Lynn Korbak

Marni Dicker

Michelle Moldofsky

Stephen Scholtz




Thank You From the LPP to the Profession
(Work Placement Employers, Mentors, Assessors, Curriculum Developers)